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MKT 421 Final Exam

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MKT 421 Final Exam -

Know About The MKT 421 Final Exam

MKT 421 final exam university of phoenix, is conducted to test student’s knowledge in dealing with complexities an organization faces in establishing and implementing marketing strategies within the domestic and international economies. The entire course for marketing 421 final exam is divided into five parts. As each part is equally important we have developed a separate study material and sample questions and answers for each week. mkt 421 week 5 final exam is the last exam to clear this paper. We provide a complete preparation kit consisting of mkt 421 final exam answers and questions, uop mkt 421 final exam answers and questions , mkt 421 final exam complete study guide and much more, meticulously planned and organized for each individual week. You can also avail the previous year questions papers like mkt 421 final exam 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 etc. to analyze the past trend of the exam.

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Study MKT 421 Final Exam in University of Phoenix

UOP MKT 421, the subject of marketing is quite dreadful for most student. Our online tutorial helps you through all you need to qualify this exam with good marks like course material, MKT 421 Final Exam documents, questions and answers, MKT 421 Final Exam pdf etc. 

Learn more about the Marketing – mkt421 undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks Module within Marketing at the University of Phoenix. Find and buy MKT 421 Final Exam document, pdf and Marketing textbooks, from Our University of Phoenix's online education portal, offering information on questions, answers bestselling and Marketing – mkt421 guide.

You can see a list of the question and answer of MKT 421 Final Exam below. Please refer to their respective tutorial for further information about the Finance For Business – fin370 they have to offer. To find out MKT 421 Final Exam it’s like to study online and how online courses are delivered, see Online question and answer explained. it’s like to study online and how online courses are delivered, see Online question and answer explained. 


1. __________ is best defined as the process of continuously obtaining information on events happening

outside a company to recognize and interpret possible trends that affect marketing.

Relationship marketing

Digital marketing

Customer relationship management

Environmental scanning

2. A __________ is often referred to as a business firm.

government agency

nonprofit organization

publicly owned organization

for-profit organization

3. The __________ refers to the seven stages a company goes through to recognize opportunities and

convert them into sellable services or products

service gap analysis

strategic focus and plan

new-product process

psychographic segmentation process

4. __________ differentiates retail outlets depending on whether contractual systems, independent

retailers, or corporate chains own the outlet.

Form of ownership

Retail servicing

Level of service

Merchandise line

5. Which of the following is true of the price equation?

Extra fees are not part of the price equation.

Sellers subtract the add-on charges from the list price.

The amount paid by customers is always the same as the quoted price.

Customers are more inclined to pay additional fees than a higher list price.


6. A society’s __________ represent socially or personally preferable states of existence or modes of

conduct that persist over time.





7. __________ segmentation is done according to an objective measurable, physical, or other

classification attribute of potential consumers.





8. A __________ is any word, device (shape, design, color, or sound), or combination thereof used to

differentiate a seller’s services or products

brand name

trade name


brand personality

9. Yes Music is the authorized distributor for products of Trompa Instruments, a popular manufacturer

of trumpets and other brass instruments. Yes Music purchases products from Trompa and distributes

them to music stores across the country. What kind of intermediary function does Yes Music perform

for Trompa?






10. The idea of the __________ describes the phases a new product goes through in the marketplace.

product life cycle

strategic marketing process

new-product process

marketing life cycle

11. __________ are small, downloadable software programs that work on tablet devices and






12. __________ is the combination of benefits such as convenience, quality, and on-time delivery

provided to targeted buyers by firms at a particular price.

Customer value

Seller Value

Manufacturer value

Business value

13. The __________ sells a marketing plan to readers by being clear and direct.

mission statement

executive summary

company description

strategic focus and plan

14. __________ relate to the effort spent in making sales.

Marketing input data

Marketing outcome data

Observational data

Primary data


15. What is the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan?

A marketing plan deals with marketing actions, whereas a business plan addresses the entire


A marketing plan contains a description of an organization, whereas a business plan does not contain

any description.

A marketing plan contains details on operations, research, and manufacturing, whereas a business plan

does not.

A marketing plan addresses the financial projections of an organization, whereas a business plan does


16. Darby’s Burgers Ltd. uses the best quality meats in its burgers. However, this fact is not being

marketed well to its potential consumers, leading to a decline in sales. There is a growing demand for

quality meat products among the health-conscious that could work in Darby’s favor. However, Darby’s

must compete with fast-food chains that offer burgers at low prices. Which of the following

statements describes Darby’s weakness according to SWOT analysis?

There is a growing demand for quality meat products among the health-conscious.

Darby’s must compete with fast-food chains that offer cheap burgers.

Darby’s quality is not well-marketed or advertised to its potential consumers.

Darby’s uses good quality meats in its burgers.

17. __________ is the act of using quotas or tariffs to shield one or more industries within a country’s

economy from foreign competition.





18. The __________ of the environment include the population and culture’s demographic characteristics.

technological forces

competitive forces

social forces

economic forces


19. The trade of offerings of value between a buyer and a seller, resulting in mutual benefit, is called a(n)





marketing mix

20. The shares of Agro Textiles Ltd. are valued lower than its competitors. To increase its value, the

company decides to study its current situation and see how it can improve itself. Which of the

following strategic marketing processes should be used by Agro to analyze its situation?

Marginal analysis

Break-even analysis

Business portfolio analysis

SWOT analysis

21. A __________ is when manufacturers direct their promotional efforts toward channel partners to

convince them to order and stock products.

multi-marketing strategy

pull strategy

push strategy

skimming strategy

22. What is the difference between advertising and personal selling?

Advertising is always a paid activity to sell a product, whereas personal selling involves no direct

payment to sellers.

Advertising can control the amount of wasted coverage, whereas personal selling cannot control the

amount of wasted coverage.

Advertising does not have an immediate feedback loop, whereas personal selling does because of direct

interaction with potential consumers.

Advertising uses customized interaction between sellers and potential consumers, whereas personal

selling sells to a large group of potential consumers.


23. __________ is an activity that creates, communicates, and delivers products and services that benefit

an organization, its stakeholders, its customers, and society as a whole.





24. What is the difference between primary and secondary data?

Primary data are newly collected facts and figures for a project, whereas secondary data are facts and

figures recorded prior to a current project.

Primary data relate to the results of marketing efforts, whereas secondary data relate to the effort spent

in making sales.

Primary data relate to the effort spent in making sales, whereas secondary data relate to the results of

marketing efforts.

Primary data are facts and figures recorded prior to a current project, whereas secondary data are newly

collected facts and figures for a project.

25. What must an organization use to determine its position respective to the competition during the

new-product strategy development stage?

Strategic focus and strategic plan

Promotion and price strategy

Geographic and demographic segmentation

SWOT analysis and environmental scanning

26. Banana Technologies Inc. operates through brick-and-mortar stores that allow customers to

personally check the brand’s computers and ask questions about its products. Upon purchase of any

of its computers, the company allows the customers to return to the store for free consultations up to

one year while also providing free software upgrades. Which marketing strategy is Banana

Technologies Inc. following?

Niche marketing

Digital marketing

Relationship marketing

Guerilla marketing


27. At the __________ level, the top management of a company directs the overall strategy for the whole


strategic business unit


human resources


28. Which of the following is true of economic development considerations?

A company must understand whether a country has a mixed economy or a more agricultural economy.

A company must weigh the average income of a country’s consumers.

A company must consider a country’s communications, distribution, and transportation systems.

A company must recognize a country’s currency exchange rates and price its products accordingly.

29. Which of the following is a step in the planning stage of the strategic marketing process?

The implementation phase

The results program

The evaluation phase

The marketing program

30. __________ segmentation is done according to where potential consumers live or work






Marketing – mkt421 Course Content include Topics and Objectives for MKT 421 Final Exam

Learn Marketing – mkt421 with MKT 421 Final Exam from our education portal. This Marketing courses cover the consumer behavior, marketing research, ethical marketing practices, products/services, branding, channels of distribution, and pricing and promotions in public, private sectors and open to everyone. Start study now.


  • Product and Pricing Strategies
  • Distribution and Promotional Strategies
  • Personal Selling, Ethics, and Technology in Marketing
  • Defining Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  • Strategic Planning and Positioning


MKT 421 final exam university of phoenix 2017 Previous & Final Exam

Candidates University of Phoenix also called as UOP is going to conduct summer Exam from April 2017 for undergraduate-level course for Marketing – mkt421 . candidates who applied Phoenix University Marketing 421 Online Examination solution 2017 can download Phoenix University MKT 421 Final Exam question and answers 2017 from the official website of Phoenix University.

MKT 421 final exam answers 2016

Many thousands attempted marketing/mkt 421 Exam and looking for the uop mkt 421 final exam answers / Answer Sheet Pdf set / series / paper code wise. Candidates we will also provide here direct links for the mkt/421 final exam 2016 Set / Booklet Series and Paper Code Wise Pdf. Aspirants you can check the mkt/421 final exam 2016 exam Answer Key here in Pdf and document format. For more details about the MKT 421 final exam answers 2016 documents.

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